dri. 20 years old. i'm here for the bad jokes and manchester united. (also asoiaf, kittens, and the generic movie/tv shenanigans)

brazil nt wickedness during these world cup times.


Amy Adams.

By Annie Leibovitz.

Looks like a masterpiece.

#this is gorgeous i genuinely thought it was a painting at first
"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?"
#danrad slays end of



Do you ever wonder how Hogwarts would travel to another school for the Triwizard Tournament cause I think about it all the time


#everything i stand for in just one picture
#waving at my friends before our wedding speech probably
#heart eyes motherfucker

David Beckham with fans

#becks and the baes #manchester united #david beckham #the 3 amigos and the brazilian aggregate #always together bless #and lmao thislooks terrible i dont think i even tried




iggy azalea filming a new music video

But who’s the chick lying on top of her?



hug your dogs for me

the thing with rio, vidic and evra’s departures is that they’re all leaving after a mediocre season which is inversely proportional to everything they gave us during all these years and that’s really fucking me up

#im sad let me sad