the ironic thing about hbo choosing not to name their show a song of ice and fire is that by titling it game of thrones they’ve proven exactly how fucking much they’re missing the point. because that’s the thing. the books are not about the game of thrones and the characters that focus on their ambitions in the southron court, they’re the ones that are almost certainly going to die. the books are about a greater battle, one, shockingly enough, between ice (zombies) and fire (dragons).

and as for the titular throne, it’s supposed to be grotesque and monstrous, it’s supposed to have a bite. we see it bloody joffrery as he thrashes against it. it’s a cruel throne, a sharp one, but like everything else on the show, it’s been tempered, it’s been blunted, made meaningless, toothless and dull.

Interviewer: Who is the most attractive in the cast?


A hundred days and a hundred nights he laboured on the third blade, and as it glowed white hot in the scared fires, he summoned his wife. Nissa Nissa, he said to her for that was her name, ‘bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.' She did this thing why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon, but her blood and he soul and her strength and her courage went into the steel. Such is the tale of the forging of Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes. 

“I’m very disappointed because we played our best match of the season and the result is not good enough.”
— Louis van Gaal. (via manutd-daily)

Blind Faith: Daley rescues Van Gaal as United break Baggies hearts to salvage a point in four-goal thriller at The Hawthorns. (20.10.2014)

lindegaard calling wba out on their /lack of elegance/ towards fellaini


West Bromwich Albion - Manchester United 2-2