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Sexuality: 50% straight. Maybe like 47%.

Sexuality: [awkward shrug] [noncommital grunt] [avoidance of eye contact]

Sexuality: Heterosexual*  ((*terms and conditions may apply))

Sexuality: Depends on the phases of the moon and the positioning of the stars

Sexuality: That is an excellent question. [strokes chin] [peers contemplatively into the distance] Freddie Mercury was born in September of 1946…..

Sexuality: I am exclusively attracted to the sound of money being rubbed together

Sexuality: [Opening crawl text in the beginning of every Star Wars movie]

Sexuality: In a spectrum of heterosexuality on one end and homosexuality on the other, I am floating somewhere in the vicinity of your favorite childhood memory.

Sexuality: [sneezes fourteen times in a row, makes you uncomfortable with repeating your bless you’s but also uncomfortable with ignoring the sounds, forces you to leave the room]

Sexuality: I am four tablespoons of queer in a medium glass of hetero. It doesn’t matter though because I dropped the glass years ago and stepped on a shard and had to excuse myself indefinitely. The glass is not empty. The glass simply is not there. Watch your step.

Sexuality: Overly complex and not entirely accurate analogies

Sexuality: I probably would not date an inanimate object??

Sexuality: [opens mouth] [theremin music begins to play]

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And Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness.

The best times to kiss a girl



When she’s babbling on about something. When you’re arguing. When you see her. When you’re with her. When you’re with your friends. When she cries. When shes happy. When she does something you love. After you ask her out. After she says she loves you. After you just kissed her. Before you leave. My point is, whenever you get the chance to kiss her, kiss her. It makes her feel loved. 

if you kiss me when we’re arguing i will punch you straight in the fucking jaw


I'm definitely a morning person. I wake up dead happy, looking forward to having my cereal!
#i miss seeing his face 8097 times on my dash #whats he up to these days



I would kill for a reality show of my favorite football club


#mata quietly sitting on the couch trying to read his haruki murakami book #di maria trying to distract him by throwing stuff at his direction #de gea in the kitchen making paella with anderson slowly eating all the ingredients #falcao and jonesy probaby singing with the birds and feeding the squirrels #daley trying to keep the place organized while jonny shaw and ander learn a dance routine #rvp slaying the youngsters at table tennis and adnan trying to cheat everytime #young singing drake in the shower and rooney is skyping with ronaldo i think

liverpool are back!!!!!!


Elie Saab Haute Couture F/W 2014-2015

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gonna watch some HISTORICAL FICTION gonna become EMOTIONALLY INVESTED gonna learn TRUE FACTS gonna get PUMPED gonna go to the LIBRARY